Press releases and brokers publishing

Are you a broker company which would like to add your company to our website? No problem!

In case your company is properly regulated and based in European union (except the Republic of Cyprus which is considered a tax haven), the signing up for our portal is for $ 200. We charge $ 300 for other non-EU companies. Just fill out this questionnaire and we will include your broker as soon as possible.

For inclusion in the premium program, please contact us. Here the conditions vary due to the individual characteristics of the clients.

I want to buy a banner area

Areas for banners are divided according to sections.

1. Header area:

There are 5 different banners radnomly shown here. The price of one banner is $50 / 1000 CZK per month. If interested, it is possible to buy the whole area for $175 / 3500 CZK per month.

2. Sidebar:

Area for one banner, the price per month is $50 / 1000 CZK.

3. Recommended broker

Area on the main page in the middle, the price per month is $100 / 2000 CZK.

News and press releases publishing in the blog

If interested in press releases publishing, information blocks or other marketing materials, we will be pleased to offer you area on our portal. Price for publishing of one post in the form of interesting information about currency market, a tip for business opportunity etc. is for 350 CZK. In case of an advertising message about your company, the price is 500 CZK.

Do you have any queries about our website traffic before you publish here? Please feel free to write us, we will be glad to give you these informations.

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