Forex cashback

Forex Cashback is a reward, that we pay to our clients for opening an account with our registration link. We get paid from the broker and most of that money we pay you. It does not matter, which currency pair, index, commodity or any other instrument you are trading or if you are buying or selling. You have the right to get the cashbeck every time for every trade.

Your regards can be different for every company, so lets have a look at this example:

An example with a Purple Trading broker.

Our offer for Purple Trading is $3.5 /lot.
If you make 100 trades a month with 1 lot, you will get from us:
100 * $3.5 = $350 every month.

As you can see, using our Cashback program gives you more money!

How do you get into our program?

For getting the forex cashback you need to open an account with a broker from our current offer. We primarily target companies with good reputation, regulation and generally with good reviews. You can find the companies here in the cashback companies list.

Using our link you say that we have referred you to the broker and we get the reward for that. From that reward we pay you most of it. It is a very simple but effective method that is prosperous for all sides involved. In most cases you have to register a new account.
Registration process information can be found here.

Some FAQ:

  1. Is this service for free? Yes, it is completely free!
  2. Does it increase my spread? No it does not, the spread, comissions and everything else stays exactly the same.
  3. Can I register more accounts for more different brokers Yes, the number of brokers is not limited in any way.
  4. The broker company I would like to register with is not on your list. If your chosen broker is no in the list, just send us an email on and we will add it for you.

Why to choose 4xbroker? here are few reasons:

  • We offer one of the highest rewards in the industry.
  • We are reliable, open and trustwurthy.
  • We are always traing to help our clients.
  • You will find only good and reliable brokers in our Cashback program.
  • We are the only ones offering rewards for few brokers.

Registration process is available here

If you have any questions, do no hesitate to contact us, or send us an email at .

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